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A new dawn


We want to thank everyone who has supported us all these years, we are forever grateful! As the new year enters our sights, setting new goals becomes symptomatic as we, independent parts of the whole, and together want to set new heights for ourselves, and our respective communities. Here at Landmark we feel we are very fortunate to have such a place to express ourselves independently of one another, and to witness how the many differences can truly make this place a home, for us all! Lest we forget what powerful creatures we are! Help make 2017 a foundation to build on, for us all, by focusing on something new for yourself, your friends and your family. Smash that goal, don't forget your victory, big or small, then move on to another. Share your experience with someone close to you, and make your spirit contagious! 

Summit Tattoo Invitational is around the bend...


Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support during this last year, we are very excited to see everyone this march! Just as a reminder, we are hosting an art show over the the weekend during the show. Colorado "Flora Fauna" is an art show with an open invite to any tattoo artist Colorado who wishes to participate. Please RSVP by emailing

In cooperation withSummit Tattoo Invitational
You are Invited to participate in the Colorado Wild Art exhibition.

You are officially invited to participate in the Colorado “Flora Fauna” art exhibition and benefit. This is an open invitation to all artists to participate. This is a small works show so please keep pieces 16”x20” or smaller. Any media will be accepted, all we ask is the pieces be consistent with our theme of “Colorado wildlife”, entailing anything and anything within the breadth of Colorado and its abundant flora and fauna. Opening night will be Thursday, March 19th at 8pm and the pieces will be hung on Wednesday, March 18th & 19th for artists arriving that day. The art show will be open for viewing until the afternoon of March 22nd. All pieces not sold will be returned to the artists after the expo closes on Sunday.

The reception will be held on site at the Village Hotel, Friday, March 20th 2015. Appetizers and cocktails will be served opening night. Any and all volunteers are greatly appreciated.

All pieces need to be brought in person to the event no later than Thursday at 5:00 pm. Any piece that needs a frame, one can be provided at a discount from one of our sponsors, Time Capsule framing in Denver, Co. Pieces needing a frame should be sent to Landmark Tattoo, or directly to Time Capsule, no later than March 1st, 2015.
A 20% commission will be assessed to sold pieces only and any that have not sold will be returned to the artist on Sunday at the end of the show. If assistance is needed to ship your piece back to you at home, that can also be arranged.
This is a low pressure, small works show in the spirit of art, community and this resplendent state, in which we’ll have an opportunity to share with friends, new and old alike and celebrate the very fabric of our beloved trade. I greatly apologize for the delay in getting this invitation out and i only hope that its still able to spark some interest you. Please RSVP with a simple IN or OUT so i can execute a fun show for all of us. Questions and comments are welcomed and can be sent to me directly, or you are welcome to call me at Landmark Tattoo Wednesday-Sunday after 12pm. Thank you everyone!



Landmark Tattooing

Post Script - I wanted to add that for those who are not aware of the capacity of my involvement with the Summit Invitational. In Fall 2014 Crystal took over as the sole entity behind the Invitational. Please contact her If you have any questions pertaining to the show at For any questions regarding this art show, please feel free to contact me directly using this email or at Landmark Tattoo.

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